Saturday, November 27, 2010

Social Work Professor Featured on CBS Sunday Morning Show

James Trent, professor of social work, offered his expertise on camera in a story for CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday, November 28, at 9 a.m. The interview was shot last spring in Frost Hall after the producer sought out Professor Trent because of his expertise on the history of institutional care for those with mental disabilities. (She literally Googled the topic, found one of Professor Trent’s publications and called him.) The story is called “Where’s Molly?” and is about an Oregon man who “seeks answers about his mentally disabled sister, sent to an institution nearly five decades earlier.”
Hope you can tune in!

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Bonnie said...

Thank you for posting. The plight of these children who were, through fear or "professional" prodding, left in institutions to caretakers who were overwhelmed or uncaring is such a sad, sad commentary on our society at that time. I was brought to tears by the story and having worked with developmentally disabled adults for many years, was thrilled by this gentleman's search for his younger sister. It is satisfying to know that they are connected now and that, prayerfully, their youngest brother will reunite with his older sister in the future. Thank you for sharing this story and thank you Gordon College for James Trent who has brought his passion and knowledge to television!