Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recent Graduate and Salem News Community Editor, Muriel Hoffacker, Visits Journalism Class

Three years ago Muriel Hoffacker sat in journalism class trying to make sense of a lede and nut graf. Today she sat next to her boss, editor of The Salem News, Dave Olson, and talked to journalism students about her journey from their sneakers to her heels.

“I took all of the writing courses I could and then was selected to the Gordon College News Service (GCNS) my senior year,” said Hoffacker, a 2010 graduate and communication arts major. “I had nearly 10 stories published that semester and learned a lot about reporting and pitching to editors.”

It was pitching editors and having stories published that landed Hoffacker a job at The Salem News as the community editor two months after graduation.

“Muriel’s was one of nearly 100 applications we received for the community editor position,” said Olson. “We picked her because we recognized her name from articles she’d submitted, and she showed up to interview with clips from our paper.”

According to Olson, Hoffacker has been a valuable addition to The Salem News team, and she’s been busy doing everything from talking with community activists and attending the Tierney/Hudak debate to delivering election-day ballot results to reporters.

“I love that every day is different and there’s always so much to do,” said Hoffacker. “I really am thankful for my job.”

Photo from left to right: Jo Kadlecek, Dave Olson, Muriel Hoffacker

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