Monday, November 8, 2010

LED Light Display

The quad was littered with them. Looking left and right, it was all that was visible in the dreary autumn night. Motion Sensors? Explosive devices? No—LED lights! The Physics Club kept up the tradition, creating nearly 400 tiny, multicolored magnetic lights to decorate the corner of campus between KOSC and Jenks. The lights, which consisted of a small light with a watch battery taped to a magnet, infested metal poles, fire hydrants, drain gratings and even the flag for a couple of days, before the batteries were spent or students lifted them to decorate their own rooms. David Lee, Physics Club advisor, reflects on the tradition: “It is really about community building. The Physics Club meets every other Monday over a homecooked meal and some sort of group activity; the “LED throwies” are a way to share our passion for quirky science with others.” Last year the Physics Club played rock music through a holed pipe connected to a propane tank and marveled as the musical wave fluctuations caused the flames to dance. They also inadvertently called in the Wenham Fire Department when shooting garbage can smoke rings 100-feet down the hallway in MacDonald. Whatever the Physics Club has in store next, it is sure to impress.

For more pictures of the physics club at work:

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