Friday, November 12, 2010

Former Consortium Student Credits Gordon with Composing Great Things

Only one semester separates Elisabeth Greene from graduating with a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Maryland, and she credits Gordon for inspiring her pursuits.

As a consortium student from George Fox University in Newburg, Oregon, studying at Gordon during the fall of 2003, Greene was able to pursue music opportunities at Gordon that weren’t available at her home university, even though she was a music performance, theory and composition major.

“Gordon had a well-developed community of composers,” said Greene. “We helped one another by performing each other’s music under the instruction of professors who really helped guide me towards bigger projects.”

Through the Consortium Visitors Program, students from the 13 Christian College Consortium (CCC) schools are able to spend a semester at another CCC school. According to the Gordon College Registrar’s Office, an average of three Gordon students study at other CCC schools each semester while Gordon hosts around a dozen.

Greene said one of her greatest accomplishments as a consortium student was having the Gordon choir perform a piece she’d written to the lyrics of the Sh’ma, which was inspired by Professor Marv Wilson’s Modern Jewish Culture class.

“Seeing the spark of an idea turn into something performed for everyone to hear, that’s what spurs me on to want to compose more,” said Greene.

Greene’s latest work is an opera called and based on the best-selling book Reading Lolita in Tehran. It will be performed at the University of Maryland in February, and is the first opera she’s written both the lyrics and music for.

“I always felt torn between studying music and writing,” said Greene. “I love that I get to use both skills (in operas) and be so creative in the process.”

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