Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion of the Socially Conscious

When Jason Revilla 01’ studied the health sciences at Gordon College, a vision for a life of service to others was on the brink. “Gordon impressed upon me to consider how I represent Christ in the workplace,” said Revilla. “It’s not always having a verbal testimony all of the time, but it’s also about putting your faith into action.”
After graduating from Gordon with a major in kinesiology, he and cofounder James Grumbine ’01 set out to create a socially conscious lifestyle brand in a secular industry.
Faith & Fortunehas been featured on VH1 and Seventeen magazine. Revilla and Grumbine believe their company should also help clothe the needy and feed the hungry. “We’re living out our faith in an industry that tends to be superficial,” said Revilla. “Our label puts others’ needs over our own.”
Watch his brief 20-second video interview online.

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