Thursday, November 18, 2010

Education for Vocation

Provost Mark Sargent spoke recently on the topic "Education for Vocation" at the national meeting of the Council of Independent Colleges in Williamsburg, Virginia. The conference brought together over 500 chief academic officers and chief financial officers. Sargent’s comments surveyed some of the distinguishing features of Gordon’s Critical Loyalty project. In reflecting on the relationship of vocation to the liberal arts, he took cues from Jonathan Edwards’ comment that education explores the “beauties that delight us daily though we cannot tell why.”

Following the conference Sargent joined his son Bradford (a grad student at American University) and the Gordon staff and students at the Newseum in Washington, DC. They visited a remnant of the Berlin Wall, not far from a display of over 70 years of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs. “It was an interesting juxtaposition,” Mark noted. “The scene reminded me of those vibrant images of the graffiti on the wall in the German film Wings of Desire. This is a film where the angels see things in black and white while humans view the Berlin Wall and the world around it in full color. Certainly the rich graffiti on the wall at the museum conveys something wondrous about human resistance and freedom. Yet just around the corner there were those stark, evocative, black-and-white Pulitzer photos to remind us that the exercise of freedom still needs the eyes of conscience that art and journalism so often provide.”
Photo: Mark Sargent’s son Bradford stands in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall. The pair recently join Gordon students, faculty and staff at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

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