Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day at the Newseum

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo gallery and a special exhibit on Elvis Presley to interactive kiosks, historic newspapers and artifacts like reporters’ notebooks and the infamous Watergate door, the Newseum in Washington, D.C., became a source of journalism inspiration for Gordon students recently. Two classes—Journalism 1 and Political Communication—flew together, along with professors Tim Sherratt, Jeff Miller and Jo Kadlecek, on Tuesday, November 9, for a one-day exploration of the museum, only blocks from the capitol building.

The students also met with area alumni for a special lunch at the Newseum, hosted by Sandy Butters, vice president of development (pictured here second from right back row). First Lady Jan Carlberg and Provost Mark Sargent joined them along with Gordon board member Suzy Young (second from left). Mrs. Young even arranged for a private discussion with Shelby Coffey, former LA Times editor and current trustee of the Newseum, and her husband, Dr. David Young (far left), former aid to Henry Kissinger and founder of Oxford Analytica.

Many of the students had never been to Washington, D.C., so the exposure to the city and the six-floor museum—which highlights the First Amendment and daily posts of front pages from newspapers around the world—provided insights about the industry that built on what they’d been learning in the classroom.

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