Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Racing with the Survivor

It’s not unusual to have celebrity sightings on Gordon’s campus these days, from Discovery Channel producers working on their next T.V. project to the recent Guster music video filmed in the Barrington Center for the Arts. But we’re still excited when someone unexpected stops by. This weekend a contestant from the CBS television show Survivor participated in our Homecoming Weekend race. The 5K course around Gordon’s quad and woodlands had 151 runners.

The first place in Men’s Challenge went to Manchester resident AJ Migonis, 17:14 (5:34 pace)
. First place in Women’s Challenge went to Anna Blomberg, a first-year Gordon student from Simsbury, Connecticut, with a time of 22:45 (7:21 pace).

Photo: (left to right) Cari McCormick, Survivor T.V. personality Jimmy T, and Seth McCormick, associate pastor of Union Congregational Church in Magnolia.

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