Monday, October 11, 2010

Local Experience: The Topsfield Fair

For those not from the North Shore area, the Topsfield Fair can be appropriately summarized in one sentence: It is everything good about a carnival combined with everything good about a farm.

In a stroll across the 83-acre fairgrounds, we saw everything from a giant Ferris wheel to immaculately groomed, blue-ribbon llamas, racing pigs, and a 1,674.5-pound pumpkin.

North Shore natives know this annual fair as an autumn staple—as much a part of the season as the crisp air and colorful foliage. With games, rides, food and animals, the fair has something for everybody.

The Topsfield Fair concludes its 192nd year tonight. If you’re around campus and you haven’t been yet this year, hurry out, grab some fried dough, and pet a few rabbits. It’s a local tradition that shouldn’t be missed!

Photos: Gordon student John Mirisola captures some candids at the local fair.

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