Monday, October 11, 2010

Lessons from Spike Lee

Gordon’s close proximity to Boston offers students many opportunities. From relationships with top medical hospitals to volunteering in some of our nation’s most vibrant multicultural neighborhoods, it's an exciting place to be a college student. This week, 10 Communication Arts students headed into Boston for a lecture at Boston University by director Spike Lee.

Rini Cobbey, associate professor of communication arts, called the event “an important opportunity for students, particularly those studying communications or film, to hear from a celebrated, passionate director.”

Lee’s presentation stressed the importance of self-motivation, inspiration and doing what you love. The many college students in attendance—from B.U., Harvard, Emerson, Gordon, and many more—brought vibrancy to the event.

Lee shared moments from his teenage years in New York when he needed a direction. “I was just floundering around with no particular goals,” said Lee.

“It brought to light the hard truth that one must tenaciously pursue goals in life,” said Mac Gostow, a sophomore from Santa Barbara, California, studying communication arts at Gordon. "It wasn’t until he took the initiative to buy his own camera and started recording everything that he discovered a love for filmmaking. His description of the creative process, digging deeper, and the lessons he shared from a director’s perspective, resonated with what I’m learning in the classroom back on campus.”
Photo: Jeff Ryan, a junior from Gillette, New Jersey, and Statler Gauss, a sophomore student from Tarpon Springs, Florida, are both studying communication arts at Gordon College. Standing in front of the opening poster at Boston University, the students pose for a quick snapshot next to a portrait of Spike Lee.

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