Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inside Coy Pond

Have you ever wondered what types of fish call Coy Pond home? Now you can find out. A new fish tank has been added to the Gordon Museum of Natural History located on the third floor of the Ken Olsen Science Center. The tank and its accessories were graciously donated by trustee David Schultz, who has a passion for fish. Like any other fish tank, the goal of this tank is to look attractive and colorful, but even more importantly to show what types of fish can be found in nearby ponds. Under the tank one can see the names and descriptions of the fish it contains. Each season the fish will be released to their original homes and new fish will be put in the tank. This allows people to see which fish are most abundant in the area during each season. “I think we gain a much greater appreciation for our species this way,” says Greg Keller, associate professor of biology. “We see the beauty of nature in our own backyard.”
Photo: One of our current October residents

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