Friday, October 15, 2010

Insects, Salamanders and Fallen Leaves

Eighty second-graders from Ford Elementary School in the city of Lynn came to Gordon College for the Science Buddies program this morning. Science Buddies is a partnership between Ford School, General Electric and Gordon College.

The children outlined wet handprints to test evaporation; walked through the woods making observations about trees; collected insects and various salamanders in fallen leaves; and inspected the pond water for tadpoles and water beetles. Biology faculty members Greg Keller and Dorothy Boorse, and students in the Biology Department worked alongside GE engineers to run learning stations on campus. “The day was a success,” said Jennifer Brink, coordinator of academically based programs. “As the kids boarded the buses with pine cones and hemlock in their pockets, they departed back to Lynn with images of tadpoles in their minds.”

Photo: Junior Travis Keeler, a biology major from Littleton, New Hampshire, digs in the dirt with children from the Ford Elementary School as they discover a family of ants. The Buddies Program is hosted by Gordon in Lynn.

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