Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Using Their "Pipes" For Gordon Sports

Over the course of last week, several members of Gordon's student body gathered to exercise and showcase their pipes for the Gordon Fighting Scots.
No–not their arms–though given the context that would be a logical assumption. In this instance, it was their other pipes–their voices–on display.
Over a dozen students representing every class came to the Jenks Learning Resource Center or Phillips Music Center to audition their vocal stylings for performing the national anthem before home games on Gordon's campus. Arrangements spanned from solo a cappella acts to a four-man quartet, some from devout music majors and others from a more recreationally musical crowd.
“The idea came during last year's basketball season as the men’s team was progressing through the playoffs,” said Deborah Devenney, a junior communications major who organized the audition event. “I thought it would be great to have actual students performing live rather than just a recording. So the athletic director, Jon Tymann, and I discussed the idea and now we’re seeing it come together.”
When all was sung and done, four individuals and two groups were chosen to be the pre-game performers for the Fighting Scots, who recently kicked off their 2010 fall schedules. Devenney adds, “One of my goals was to get more people to the games and create more unity on campus. Hopefully this will help in some small way.”

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