Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thomas Lake '01—Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated

What do Communication Arts graduates do with their degrees? Some go on to pursue careers in film, publishing; or work in advertising firms or write for press rooms across the globe. Thomas Lake ’01, however, has taken his Gordon degree into new territory as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. After graduating summa cum laude and spending six years writing award-winning articles for various newspapers and publications and contributing freelance articles to Sports Illustrated, Thomas was recently added to the magazine’s senior writing staff.

“During the last six years Tom emerged as one of the finest and most versatile writers in the Southeast,” says Terry McDonell, managing editor of Sports Illustrated, which has a weekly print circulation of over 3 million copies. “Tom's award-winning freelance pieces have brought a new and distinct voice to the magazine.”

So as you’re flipping through your next issue, keep an eye out for Tom’s work, and remember where it all started. . . .

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