Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shared Prayers for Local Students

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an authentic community that seeks to connect college students to Jesus, one another and the world has long had a presence on campuses across America. With five colleges and universities within 10 miles of Gordon College, our students are working hard to revive this tradition in the local region. Last night Gordon students offered support and training at the first InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the North Shore in over 20 years.

"Students representing Gordon, Montserrat, Endicott, North Shore Community and Salem State University gathered together to worship Jesus, pray for their fellow students and professors, encourage one another, and dream about what God can do in college communities North of Boston," said Becky Lahna, a graduate student at a nearby college.

Becky met Gordon College senior Blaire Telford, a communication arts and youth ministries double major, last year and now the two are partnering together to bring a shared faith to others.

It was a moving event for many in attendance," said senior Telford. "Many college students don't have the freedom to share their faith in their classrooms. Publicly discussing how their faith connects to their studies and vocation, wouldn't be acceptable in that context." InterVarsity on the North Shore, hopes to give these students a place to recieve training, support and fellowship with other Christians. "Students shared their challenges of being a Christian on their campuses, in their places of work and in their families, " said Lahna. "Students also talked about challenges of feeling isolated and times they've experienced opposition to Christianity on their campus."

"Having a Christian community and faculty supporting my growth has made a big difference in my life, said Telford. "I'm so glad we can help other local college and university students through this group."

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