Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Physics Family

There are a lot of benefits to being a physics student at Gordon College. Great faculty, amazing labs, lots of opportunities for research, engaging students . . . and Monday Night Dinners. Physics department faculty and their families take turns preparing, cooking and serving home-cooked meals to physics and engineering students.

"The dinners strengthen community through conversation and shared experience," says Physics Professor David Lee, whose wife, Flora, and daughter, Paloma, prepared, cooked and served Monday's Mexican cuisine dinner of steak and chicken soft tacos with fresh salsa verde and pico de gallo. "But the dinners are also an opportunity to reinforce the idea that our department community is based on learning AND service. These dinners give us a chance to remind students of their civic duties as peers and members of the physics family. We make clear our expectation that they will give back to the community and to Gordon at large. How? In countless specific ways such as helping to maintain clean, neat and safe labs; picking up things left lying around; helping each other in and out of class; voluntarily helping other students with studies; hosting lunch with prospective students and parents; sharing perspectives on our physics program with others, and so forth."

Following the meal, students and professors work on a group activity together. "We've built flaming Rubens' tubes, modified Nerf blasters, decorated the campus with hundreds of magnetic LED lights, and one time we accidentally set off the fire alarm when creating giant smoke rings that travel 100 feet down the hallway.
Photo: Danielle Duggins (wearing orange), a transfer student from California, enjoys a meal with her fellow students and professors from the Physics program.

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