Monday, September 27, 2010

Helping Out: Wingaersheek Beach

Recently Gordon students were given a chance to help the environment and an opportunity to raise awareness of coastal pollution problems as they volunteered to clean up a local landmark, Wingaersheek Beach.

Advocates for a Sustainable Future (ASF) helped organize Gordon’s participation in the event in nearby Gloucester. But the project also served to provide important documentation for research and environmental organizations looking to understand more about the effects of waste in natural resources with a hope to raise awareness in schools and communities.

This weekend’s Coast Sweep followed the lead of last week’s beach clean-up of Crane Beach in Ipswich, when the student Biology Club worked with Coast Sweep along 2.5 miles of coastline. Craig Story, biology faculty and advisor to the club, is passionate about environmental service projects and joined the students at Crane Beach also as a volunteer. “Coast Sweep heightens awareness on environmental issues and gets students active in a community need,” said Story, who showed the students the importance of cataloging the effects disposed litter has on coastal environments.

Sophomore Megan Means from Greeley, Colorado, joined the Crane Beach science crew. She shares the importance of preserving our local beaches near campus. “Picking up trash not only improves the beauty of the beach but also makes it a healthier place to live and helps keep balance in the ecosystem,” she said. “Through small steps like cleaning up the beach we hope to protect God’s creation and keep the diversity of life thriving.”

Photo: Some Gordon students give back to the community and help raise awareness at a nearby beach last week.

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