Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gordon Students Bring Vibrancy to Area Churches

Gordon recently hosted its annual September Church Fair on the quad in front of the Lane Student Center. Under sunny skies, representatives from a host of North Shore and Boston churches lined the sidewalks with brochures and free snacks ready.

"The variety of churches and denominations was truly remarkable," said Bob Whittet, associate professor of Christian ministries. "From small church plants to larger churches, it's clear our Christian faith is vibrant here." Rev. Whittet serves as Director of Church Relations for Gordon in addition to his role in the classroom. "It was also evident that the North Shore is now home to a number of new church planting efforts, many of them pastored by Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary graduates. Walking around the loop, talking with representatives of all of the churches, I heard constant compliments about Gordon students."

There are intentionally no Sunday morning worship services held on the Gordon campus. Students are encouraged to be part of the broader community by attending area churches and getting involved as volunteers. "We often talk about the difference our students make through their interactions with the community," says Whittet. "But these recent sidewalk conversations with church leaders confirmed the vibrancy Gordon students bring to area congregations."

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