Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Forensics, Green Chemistry and Gordon on the National Stage

Last week, the American Chemical Society (ACS) held its annual conference in the City of Boston. Among the 15,000 registrants at the meeting were Dwight Tshudy and Irv Levy of the Gordon College Chemistry Department. But Gordon faculty did more than just register and attend this leading chemistry exposition. First, Tshudy gave a symposium presentation about his latest research looking at Forensics Chemistry and its effect on the education of undergraduate students. Next, our chemistry faculty teamed-up with other researchers and students to help present posters, chalked full of research, data and analysis, at the Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium. Andrew Worth, a senior at Gordon, worked with Professor Tshudy, for a full summer on their collaborative research, which also took center stage at the undergraduate symposium event. "This was my first time formatting a poster," said Worth. "From compiling the research, to putting the poster together, it proved to be a very tedious process. But it's given me an opportunity to publicly defend research on a national conference level." Collaborative research is a central mission in the chemistry labs on Gordon's campus for undergraduate students. But adding to that foundation is the goal of providing students with the confidence to defend their research at such a high-level forum in this growing field. "The conference poster presentation is a key experience for our chemistry students," said Tshudy. "We want students in the real world interacting with other chemists in a real-world manner." Also presenting at this year's ACS conference were Gordon students Arica Demme, Kristen Entwistle, Andrew Worth, Grant Eilers, and Cory Strnad. Other collaborative presentations for Gordon included topics such as, phenolic polymerization, green chemistry for homeschooled students, and chemistry in the community. Photo: Gordon Senior Andrew Worth stands in front of his final poster at the ACS conference.

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