Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everyday Holiness

This week the Chapel program continues to focus on the theme "Everyday Holiness" as we explore how to pursue everyday holiness through our work at Gordon and beyond. Throughout the semester, several faculty and staff will share what holiness means in their daily life as part of the program.

Greg Carmer, dean of the Chapel, introduced the importance of the theme: "With the sending of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church, God started a new relationship with his people; no longer would God relate to his people primarily through special places (like the Temple), special people (like priests), or special practices (animal sacrifice). Rather, God now chooses to dwell within those whom he calls his own. This means that his holiness can spill out in the activities and affairs of everyday life. Everyday holiness is not about the domestication of God's transcendent glory, but about the glorification of our daily routines, responsibilities and relationships."
Photo: Jeff Miller, professor of theatre arts, spoke during last Wednesday's Chapel about Everyday Holiness in the Theatre.

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