Friday, August 20, 2010

Gordon at Soulfest

Here in New England, summers always go out with power chords and cymbal crashes, as Soulfest announces the last full month of the season from Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH. Soulfest is New England’s largest Christian music festival, spanning four days and featuring over 125 artists and speakers, and Gordon College had a front row seat. Not only did Gordon have its own tent at the festival, which attracted over 1,000 prospective students (all of whom now sport Gordon College t-shirts), but some of Gordon's very own alumni were involved in both the production and performance ends of the event.

Peter Morse ’10 works alongside several other Gordon alumni at Soulfest headquarters. Peter is also a very talented professional photographer. He spent much of the week front row and center, camera in hand. Among his many impressive shots were these of Switchfoot (above) and Dreamtigers drummer and Gordon alum Josh Hester ’10 (below).

Check out more of Peter’s Soulfest photos at his website, and be sure to catch up with Gordon College and our Admissions crew at the festival again next year!

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