Monday, August 30, 2010

Aim as High as You Can

On Wednesday, the campus gathered for the annual Matriculation Chapel service. Stephen Alter, associate professor of history, gave this year's first address, "Learning to Serve."

Dr. Alter encouraged students to seek wisdom in their time at Gordon. "You cannot 'understand your own times' if they are the only times that you know about. In the same way, you don't really know your own country if you've never been anywhere else." He also charged them to aim high, as high as they can, and to carry the Gospel with them on the journey.

"We need Christians in journalism and in the media, in law and in governmental affairs, in science and medicine, and the fine arts. Seek to someday be a wise giver of advice, based on a deep knowledge of what has been done before. Be able to explain the pros and cons of a proposed course of action. Know what was done in past times so you can see the best options for today, all guided by the timeless principles of God's word."

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