Friday, August 13, 2010

"A" Team, Meet the "O" Team

This past May, two Gordon programs in Italy came together across the Atlantic in a reunion dubbed "the A-Team" (Assisi) meets "the O-Team" (Orvieto). Communication Arts adjunct professor Wendy Murray traveled with her International Journalism Seminar-Assisi (IJSA) students from the north-east corner of Umbria, Italy to spend a day in the south-western corner of Umbria with Gordon students in the Gordon in Orvieto program. They shared pranzo (the Italian mid-day meal) together at a local restaurant, followed by a walking tour with Orvieto program director John Skillen. It was a happy reunion for students on the Assisi program who saw friends and roommates on the Orvieto program, and for Wendy Murray, too, who has taught in Orvieto.

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