Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Lego Connection...to Engineering at Gordon

A $200 Lego model of an $80,000 atomic force microscope (AFM) was built this past summer in Gordon's Bowden Engineering Lab in the Ken Olsen Science Center. This Lego demonstration model functions in a manner similar to a real AFM, and gives students a conceptual and functional understanding of the powerful research instrument before actually learning how to use an AFM.


ANAPHORA: Repetition and Refinement in the Prints of Donald Forsythe and Brenton Good

Come to the most recent art exhibit featuring experimental printmaking by Donald Forsythe and Brenton Good in The Gallery at Barrington Center for the Arts.

The show will be on display from August 28–October 15; Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. A lecture and reception will be held on October 15, 5–7:30 p.m.


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Vista Point

Friday's Convocation with Provost Mark Sargent shared thoughtful reflections with our students. As an avid cyclist, Dr. Sargent talked about focusing on the white-line, and the beauty of reaching a vista point along the journey. "Every once and a while you reach a vista point, where you can pause and stare out over the horizon. Where you can see where the road has come and where it heads." 

Following his address, Sargent invited President Carlberg and Jan, our first lady, to reflect on their thirty five years of service. . .a fascinating vista point.

Photos: Jud and Jan take the stage to share in a time of conversation; Following Convocation, some students gave thanks to Jud and Jan for their many years of leadership.


Aim as High as You Can

On Wednesday, the campus gathered for the annual Matriculation Chapel service. Stephen Alter, associate professor of history, gave this year's first address, "Learning to Serve."

Dr. Alter encouraged students to seek wisdom in their time at Gordon. "You cannot 'understand your own times' if they are the only times that you know about. In the same way, you don't really know your own country if you've never been anywhere else." He also charged them to aim high, as high as they can, and to carry the Gospel with them on the journey.

"We need Christians in journalism and in the media, in law and in governmental affairs, in science and medicine, and the fine arts. Seek to someday be a wise giver of advice, based on a deep knowledge of what has been done before. Be able to explain the pros and cons of a proposed course of action. Know what was done in past times so you can see the best options for today, all guided by the timeless principles of God's word."


Thursday, August 26, 2010

President Carlberg Announces His Retirement

After 35 years of service at Gordon College, President R. Judson Carlberg, Ph.D., has announced his retirement effective June 30, 2011. Under Carlberg’s 19-year tenure as president, the College has experienced substantial growth and recognition for its academic excellence, global programs and campus facilities.
“For the last few years, my wife, Jan, and I have known we were in a season of transition, a season of anticipating our stepping down from leadership at Gordon College,” Carlberg said recently in a campus gathering of students, faculty and staff. “Yet as we enter this time of transition, I remain optimistic about Gordon’s future. We have the strongest leadership team and faculty that I have seen here at Gordon. Many new trustees are now serving on the board, bringing new ideas, substantial resources and a heart for Christian higher education in New England. But we will miss this place, the place we call home.”


A Wave from Lynn

Twelve new Gordon in Lynn interns for 2010-2011 spent a wet day in Lynn during the start of their orientation this week. Students played the infamous mouse-trap game, toured some of Lynn’s sites (among them were the impressive waves at King’s Beach) and spent time painting reflections from their summers. The Gordon in Lynn Internship is an intensive year-long leadership development opportunity for upper-classman which combines student development with community development. Each intern is placed at a community partner and oversees a SALTeam (serve and learn team) of freshman from a Great Conversation Service Section. In addition, interns receive weekly mentoring, training and teaching on leadership and community development. Photo: Gordon students Michelle Norsworthy, Sarah Bradley, Sarah Pitts and Kristen Beebe check out the waves. During a storm, its a bit of a North Shore tradition to check out the huge-swells as they splash over the sea-wall on Lynn Shore Drive. The power of the sea during a summer Nor'easter is an amazing site. . .from a safe distance of course.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Matriculation Chapel

There are many aspects of celebration at the start of a school year. Students are finding their ways to new classes and the excitement of learning new things is in the air. But there are also other traditions that remind us of the new year, like today's Matriculation Chapel service, with its presentation of the class scrolls as the candle of learning is lit for each class. This Gordon tradition includes a time of hope as we pause to celebrate our learning community together. Every Gordon student's name is inscribed onto a scroll and wrapped in ribbon. A representative from each class brings forward their class's scroll, celebrating each student's place at Gordon. For more photos of this service, visit the official Gordon College Facebook page.


Gillies Improvements

The Gillies Lounge in lower Lane, a smaller eating space for students on the go, received some exciting enhancements last week. A new floor, ceiling, wooden booths, lights, and layout are just a few of the new enhancements.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Base Camp - Celebrating 40 years of La Vida

Over 50 former students, sherpas, work crew staff and friends brought their families to La Vida's base camp last week to help kick off the 40th anniversary of Gordon's outdoor education experience. To view photos from this event, visit the La Vida facebook page.


Orientation Comes to a Close

Orientation wraps up today with the annual all-campus block party on the quad . . .where returning-students arrive on campus, find familiar faces and welcome the class of 2014 to Gordon.

To make our newest students feel at home, Gordon's orientation weekend provides many opportunities for meeting new friends. This year's highlights included a coffee house at the Ferrin Hall patio Saturday night, prayer and fellowship with residence hall leaders, an on-campus beach bonfire, and of course the annual trip to America's biggest college-town. . . The City of Boston. Tonight marks another orientation tradition: Faculty-Staff desserts. Various faculty and staff members will welcome our new students into their homes in an effort to make connections that extend beyond the classroom dynamic. To view photos from the weekend, visit the official Gordon facebook page.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome New Students!

Today, Gordon welcomes over 400 new students into its community! Along with the traditional excitement of unpacking, meeting fellow students and finding their way around, these new students will also be treated to a number of fun activities put on by Gordon’s extraordinary O Staff. For the next four days, new students can look forward to events like coffee houses, a trip to Boston, a beach bonfire, and an all-campus block party. Orientation also provides informative sessions for help with studying and organization, opportunities for student involvement, tips for registration, and wellness at Gordon. Next week, Gordon's newest students will even be invited into the homes of faculty and staff members for the annual Faculty-Staff dessert night. We hope these next few days will be a wonderful beginning to an unforgettable journey!
Photo: Every new student receives unloading and carry help when they arrive at their new residence hall. Current students serving on O-Staff, (in bright yellow t-shirts) help carry items directly to rooms . . .now that's service!


Guster's On Campus Video Shoot

Guster’s new music video has Gordon written—or painted—all over it. The new video for the band’s latest single, “Do You Love Me,” was shot in Gordon’s Margaret Jensen Theatre in the Barrington Center for the Arts. The concept for the video involved local Gloucester artist Jon Sarkin painting the musicians as they played—not portraits, but actually covering them in bold splashes of paint. Gordon’s location has also been sought out by other major media productions in recent years, twice including the Discovery Channel show Time Warp. Look for Guster’s video for “Do You Love Me” to be released in the very near future!
Photo: Taken by Jud Abts,
senior political studies major at Gordon


Residence Life - Its hot!

How hot is Residence Life? This week, very! Resident assistants (RA's) for Gordon's campus received hands-on training from the Wenham Fire Department yesterday. They were taught how to extinguishing a grease-pan fire and learned to maneuver through a smoke filled building as Drew Hall was engulfed with theatrical training smoke. The final event was a competition called The Fireman's Muster - an obstacle course used for real-life officer training and team building. Here are some additional action shots from the day.


Gordon at Soulfest

Here in New England, summers always go out with power chords and cymbal crashes, as Soulfest announces the last full month of the season from Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH. Soulfest is New England’s largest Christian music festival, spanning four days and featuring over 125 artists and speakers, and Gordon College had a front row seat. Not only did Gordon have its own tent at the festival, which attracted over 1,000 prospective students (all of whom now sport Gordon College t-shirts), but some of Gordon's very own alumni were involved in both the production and performance ends of the event.

Peter Morse ’10 works alongside several other Gordon alumni at Soulfest headquarters. Peter is also a very talented professional photographer. He spent much of the week front row and center, camera in hand. Among his many impressive shots were these of Switchfoot (above) and Dreamtigers drummer and Gordon alum Josh Hester ’10 (below).

Check out more of Peter’s Soulfest photos at his website, and be sure to catch up with Gordon College and our Admissions crew at the festival again next year!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

They're Back. . . and Training Hard

Our Fighting Scots athletes have returned to campus this week. Bringing with them the familiar sounds of students reconnecting . . . Oh, and lots and lots of sprints.


Fall Picnic for Faculty, Staff and Families

Yesterday, employees across campus gathered for a family picnic hosted by Human Resources. The afternoon, which also included a pick-up game of baseball, was an opportunity for departments and colleagues to catch up and celebrate the start of a new academic year together. Be sure to check the official Gordon College facebook page, for photos of this fun family event.


Friday, August 13, 2010

"A" Team, Meet the "O" Team

This past May, two Gordon programs in Italy came together across the Atlantic in a reunion dubbed "the A-Team" (Assisi) meets "the O-Team" (Orvieto). Communication Arts adjunct professor Wendy Murray traveled with her International Journalism Seminar-Assisi (IJSA) students from the north-east corner of Umbria, Italy to spend a day in the south-western corner of Umbria with Gordon students in the Gordon in Orvieto program. They shared pranzo (the Italian mid-day meal) together at a local restaurant, followed by a walking tour with Orvieto program director John Skillen. It was a happy reunion for students on the Assisi program who saw friends and roommates on the Orvieto program, and for Wendy Murray, too, who has taught in Orvieto.



The Lane Student Center hosts the largest dining complex on campus. This summer, both the Easton Dining Room and Gillies Lounge have undergone major rehabilitation projects. Check out the unveiling next week. For now, here's a photo of the past. . .stacked up just for you.


Monday, August 9, 2010

You've Got Mail

Though the first day of classes is two weeks away, signs of the upcoming school year are everywhere. Like this row of faculty mailboxes on the second floor of Frost Hall.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating Art: Alumna Dawn Gadow Featured on Good Morning, Gloucester!

Two years ago communication arts major Dawn Gadow '08 had a class assignment to take her public relations and writing skills to a non-profit in the community. She connected with Art Haven, a non-profit art program for children in Gloucester which was just starting up its outreach. She loved the work she did with them, and when she graduated that May, Art Haven offered her the role of executive director of the program where she's been working ever since.

Now she's being featured on Good Morning, Gloucester! to celebrate the work of the art center and their upcoming anniversary.

Watch Dawn on the program, Good Morning, Gloucester!