Monday, July 19, 2010

The Queen, William Blake and a Reunion in England

Gordon's faculty often spend their summers traveling to conferences or conducting research. Dr. Janis Flint-Ferguson, professor of education and English, did a little of both on her first time trip to England as a visiting professor with a sister college. Here's what she said about it:

"For ten glorious days this summer, I roamed the streets of London, England, with students in the British Romantics class from Wisconsin Lutheran College. We honored many of those romantics by visiting the Author’s Corner in Westminster Abbey and Trinity College in Cambridge. I gave a minilecture on William Blake in the rain at Bunhill Cemetery, his final resting place.

London is a big, bustling city that mixes history with the contemporary, the very British with the very international. And it is, of course, the home of Queen Elizabeth II. We had a great morning, standing in queue to see her as she celebrated the yearly 'trooping of the colours.' (Yes, I took this photo of her!) Crowds pushed forward to catch a glimpse as she and other family members took part in the event which marks the state celebration of her birthday.

I also was able to visit with 2007 Gordon graduate Jill Rogati who is studying at the London International School of the Performing Arts. It was fun to have coffee and hear about her studies there. Gordon students doing the summer theater trip will have a chance to see her perform during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh this August."

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