Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer with the Senator

While most of the Gordon College Student Association (GCSA) Cabinet members put office duties aside for the summer, Jesse Adams ’11, executive president of GCSA, is spending his summer days in Senator Scott Brown’s office in Boston. The internship is a great opportunity for Adams, a business major and economics minor, to exercise his interests in the economy, jobs and businesses. “The whole process is exciting to me,” said Adams. “Politics is so pertinent and relevant to everyone, but we’re all too busy to really be involved. But the truth is everyone is so dramatically affected by political decisions.”
His duties include acting as a point of contact between the public, the senator’s office, and outside authorities, particularly with issues pertaining to unemployment labor, small businesses and education.
“My studies at Gordon have certainly given me a background for the work I’m doing in Scott Brown’s office this summer,” said Adams. “In my classes I’ve learned about HR, small business management, finances, loan processes and general terms related to the field—all have been useful.”
Adams’ role as executive president of GCSA has also been a positive influence on the work he’s doing outside of school this summer, especially the experience he’s had interacting professionally with administrators and faculty.
“To be able to work in this full-time, to see it day in and day out, is great,” said Adams. “I feel like I’m being informed about important things and helping people know things that are worthwhile. I enjoy being in that environment.”

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