Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Gordon Grad's Summer Plans

This summer newly graduated Nicole Kabrel ’10, from Hawthorne, New Jersey, is taking advantage of what she learned at Gordon as a recreation and leisure major, and will be using it to help people in a very specific way. This is what she said:

I am working over the summer, and I actually have my job all lined up, career-wise. Basically I work at the May Institute in Revere ( This is a nonprofit service provider for individuals with intellectual disabilities, such as autism or Down’s syndrome. My daily endeavors consist of working with the staff in assisting these individuals to reach daily or monthly goals we’ve decided on.
The school is very social and active with different programs, activities and field trips occurring every day. Goals that we help with can range from learning to count money to remembering to brush their teeth, or playing soccer for 20 minutes every day. Everyone is different.
It’s been exciting to see how this definitely coincides with my major. Working at the May Institute fulfills the leisure side of my recreation and leisure major, because leisure is not just relaxation; it is about goals, mindsets, happiness and inner restfulness.
I’m thankful I can be active and help individuals learn different activities I have learned in my classes at Gordon. Also, since they each have different learning styles, I can utilize some of the different teaching strategies I have been taught. But perhaps the most important aspect of my work is that I get to learn from these individuals about life’s little blessings that I may not realize on a daily basis on my own. I learn as much from them as I hope they are going to learn from me.

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