Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Reception of Countless Gratitude

Teachers . . . The impact of their intellectual instruction has a profound impact on lives. The lives of students, the lives of their academics colleagues, and the lives of the community they serve. At Gordon, professors draw from our shared Christian faith to invest in our students, discussions in the classrooms, lectures, exams, and countless papers. They have an unseen authorship on the pages of our lives and careers. But with all great stories, chapters transition to other themes, plots thicken, and sequels spill into other generations.

Thursday, faculty, staff and students joined together in a wonderful celebration of happy endings. From retirement of countless years of service and new callings for academic and faithful discipline, we shall miss you: Ann Ferguson, English; Niles Logue, Economics; Craig McMullen, Gordon in Boston; Chuck Blend, Biology, and Emily Jarvis, Chemistry. Thank you for your amazing contributions to the Gordon community!

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