Friday, April 9, 2010

Zipping Neon Green Lines

Lindsey Reed, a sophomore English major from Canada, is one of 13 students this semester taking an unusual course that recently drew a lot of attention on campus. You know it’s a great show when you see physics professor Dr. Lee zipping green lines, and a sea of students across the quad.

“Recently I went on my first fishing trip. After learning a series of knots, the parts of a rod, and the basics of casting, our PE Fly Fishing class took a trip to try our hand at fishing . . . on the quad.

“So far, all that we’ve caught is attention: our sporty eye gear, zipping neon green lines, and aggressive casting won us many onlookers. I had an especially large crowd of fans and coaches, as my attempts at the roll cast were full of frustrated flicking and jumping. I haven’t quite lost hope, however. I still believe that after the course I will move from frustration to enjoyment. I still see myself exchanging science lab goggles for stylish eye gear, soccer field for mountain stream, and the calls of onlookers for the sound of flowing water, or maybe even for the zip of a line, tense with a fish.”

Photo: Recent photographs from PE048 Fly Fishing

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