Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teaching Faith Fleshed Out to My Students

“Since Gordon I’ve been teaching at a small, private Christian school in Nashua, New Hampshire,” says Amy Gentile ’08 when asked what she’s been doing since she left Gordon. “Even though I’m teaching math, I still use so many of the things I learned in Bible classes in my conversations and interactions with my students.

“My Bible classes on campus deepened my faith and taught me the importance of things—like the Resurrection and the Kingdom of God—that I had never really heard a lot about in church. I’m glad I get to share these things with my students. I challenge them to think deeply about their faith, and that there’s always more to learn.
Most of all, my professors at Gordon showed me how to seek after God; that having a passion for studying His Word and His Church doesn’t have to be divorced from a deep personal relationship with Christ. I aspire to show my students the same things, to connect with them on a personal level, and show them what the faith looks like fleshed out, as well as talking about it.”

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