Friday, April 9, 2010

Junk Yard Jams

Chad Wimberly, a music major, and Rafaell Rozendo, a communications and philosophy double-major, are both freshmen at Gordon College. With their shared interest in music, they created an unlikely recording studio. Chad shares reflections from an afternoon making music.

“The air’s chilly, the sky’s gray, and the wind pushes at the steely water in Salem. It’s not ideal weather to be outside, but it’s the opportune time to start a long-awaited experiment—making melody from waste. We jump down into the junk yard and begin to imbibe the old rusted glory of our new specimens. This is our new recording studio, if only for a few hours.

Moving around the rusty car parts and banging metal pipes and sheets, we recorded crashes, creaks, jingles, scrapes, thumps, bumps, and a myriad of other strange noises that came from the cold and crowded junk yard. Two and a half hours and 65 tracks later, we headed back to campus to compose some tracks.”

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