Friday, April 9, 2010

Gordon College: A Generation Socially Engaged in the Community

College presidents across the region addressed local business leaders, politicians and social service agencies in a dynamic presentation to the North Shore Chamber of Commerce this week.
With the national average for service learning at colleges and universities at 4 percent, Gordon President Dr. R. Judson Carlberg told his colleagues that Gordon’s student service ratio is 40 percent.
“Whether a student provides intensive research, physical labor, spends an afternoon teaching kids to read, or provides a service practicum, the value of a generation engaged on the North Shore has financial and social impacts on each community where Gordon students are serving,” he said. “But we also believe it provides a different level of character development when they become alumni . . . and your employees.”
President Carlberg also discussed the impact Gordon alumni have long had on the local economy and throughout our communities. “The value Gordon places on civic engagement provides public schools, businesses, hospitals, churches, government and social services with a biproduct of great leaders,” he said. “And these are leaders who are moral, compassionate, truthful, and, of course, prepared.”
The Salem News, College Presidents: Keeping grads here important
April 8, 2010, Cate Lecuyer.

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