Monday, April 12, 2010

Dorm Report: Fulton Hall Is "King of the Hill"

By Ginger Moody

Living in Fulton is great because we all like to be around each other and there are plenty of events. Also, I should mention that Fulton is the “King of the Hill” this year. Yes, it’s true—we have earned our rights to the prestigious title.
“King of the Hill” is a residence hall competition that happens every year on the hill between dorms Nyland, Fulton and Tavilla. It involves war paint, cardboard boxes, bright-colored fluorescent duct tape, water balloons, and, of course, a willingness to be crazy and have fun. We got wet, had to rebuild our fortress, took a few blows to the face, and slipped and slid everywhere. But in the end we proved ourselves worthy to be called “King of the Hill,” and it was a blast!

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