Friday, April 9, 2010

Dorm Report: Club Chase—Neon, 80s, and a DJ

By Amber Fiedler ’13

Happening only once a year, “Club Chase” is the go-to event for all Chase hall residents. This year’s theme was neon and 80s attire, so everyone came out in their brightest colors and biggest sweatshirts.
The Chase Council removed all of the couches and quickly transformed one of the lounges into a prime campus dance floor. Even before the night officially kicked off, the lounge was filled with fun-loving, outgoing people who wanted to get to know other residents from their dorm building.
For those passing by, it was clear to see that everyone was having an awesome time dancing, singing and mingling the night away. The DJ happily took requests from all of the eager dancers and threw in some creative remixes of his own. The songs ranged from “Thriller” to “Tic-Tok” and from “Party in the USA” to the “Cha-Cha Slide.” While this event was limited to only Chase members, it wasn’t a surprise to see a few non-Chasers sneaking in, hoping to join the party. No one had any hesitation in screaming and dancing around to the music. Thanks to the live DJ, the neon glow sticks, and the bright disco lights, Chase lounge was completely transformed into the perfect on-campus club.

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