Monday, April 12, 2010

Breaking Out the Books: Gordon to Celebrate National Library Week

By Katie Zarrilli ’12

Homemade cookies, the quad, the sun, and good books are all things almost any Gordon College student loves. So in order to celebrate National Library Week, which takes place April 11–17, the Jenks Library staff has planned an event to suit all of those interests.
The library will host its second annual Read-In on the Quad Thursday, April 15, 3:30-5:00 pm. Students, faculty and staff are invited to bring a book, relax and read on the quad for 30 minutes or more. There will be homemade cookies and prizes waiting to be distributed to students, including a movie night for the dorm with the highest student participation. Last year the Road Halls, Lewis, and Drew Halls took home the prize. The library is not only anxious to see who will win this year but is also excited to get the student body together to have fun and celebrate something that is not often recognized.
“I think students will enjoy relaxing and reading together as a community in celebration of libraries,” says Janet Bjork, Gordon’s depository librarian. “It will be fun to see who wins the raffle prizes, to enjoy homemade cookies, and to see which dorms win the movie night.”
Last year a crowd of 130 students, faculty and staff came out for the Read-In. The idea came about when the library staff heard about a community read-in at a public library in western Massachusetts. Inspired by the idea, the staff decided to bring it to the Gordon quad. Though it’s only the second year of the event, the library staff says it will become annual. Through the event the staff is working hard to promote libraries and help students understand the purposes they serve.
“Most of us benefited from libraries as we were growing up—story hours, homework help, a place to meet with friends after school, good books to read,” says Bjork. “As college students, the library provides resources and research assistance to help students succeed.”

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