Monday, March 8, 2010

Road Trip 101: First-Year Travels

Freshman student Tala Strauss of Canada updates us while she’s on the road, sharing reflections from the Jubilee Conference.

For 10 years I’ve attended Jubilee Conferences with my family. This year I went with 10 of my peers—a group of college students from Gordon—and our mentor, Laurie Truschel, the director of student ministries. We piled in a van, knowing we’d have lots of good discussion and eager to learn from the conference and each other.
I enjoyed the workshop with Bob Goff the most—founder and CEO of Restore International, an organization that ministers to the poor in developing countries. Though we have world leaders speak on campus throughout the year, Bob's presentation provided a real faith-through-academics connection for me.
Bob shared the evidence of Christ in his life and how he has learned to look for clues in every circumstance. He encouraged me to look for evidence in my life where Christ is at work as well as how I can become a witness of the resurrection when I take note of the presence of God in the world.
As a freshman college student I often wonder about my vocation and how my professors, classmates and community are preparing me. Bob reminded attendees of the importance of “building communities of older and younger brothers as well as older and younger sisters . . . to support, encourage and witness to each other through our shared faith.” When I heard him say this I realized I have at Gordon the kind of community he’s talking about. Each student and professor is inspiring, and we collectively support each other through our shared faith and pursuit of knowledge. I am grateful to study at a school filled with people who live with the hope of Christ.

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