Monday, March 1, 2010

Q. & A. with an A. J. Gordon Scholar

This afternoon Gordon senior Peter Morse joined a panel of A. J. Scholarship recipients to talk with prospective students about life on campus, travel, and balancing it all.

“When I entered Gordon in the fall of 2007, I was one of 20 freshman students to join the A. J. Gordon Scholars program. The program encourages high achievement in academics and student leadership, and eligible students are offered a generous $12,000 scholarship for each year of college.
The A. J. Scholars program has expanded in recent years to welcome even larger incoming cohorts. Today I was given the chance to answer questions from an engaging group of prospective A. J. Scholars and share the value of my academic and leadership development experience.”

Q. What was the most important aspect of the A. J. Scholars program for you?
A. The first year of the A. J. Scholars program was the most significant experience I have had, for it was the time when I solidified the friendships and faculty mentor relationships that have stayed with me—now as a senior. I met weekly with a small group of other A. J. Scholars to pray, discuss the program and our classes, and find a sense of belonging at Gordon.

Q. Do A. J. Scholars have time to get involved in student ministry, student government, study abroad programs, sports and other campus activities?
A. Yes, in fact many A. J. Scholars invest several years in the same campus group or sports team, and it is very common for A. J. Scholars to pursue off-campus study options. I participated in two varsity sports, intramural sports, residence life, and the Campus Events Council, all while finding time to study abroad in Israel, Uganda and Rwanda. It’s a matter of balance and priority, but you can do it!

Q. How has the A. J. Scholars program prepared you for life after college?
A. Well, only time will tell! But I know already that the strengths assessment activities, leadership and business skills seminars, and professional networking experience will be invaluable as I head out to find a job. However, perhaps most important is that the A. J. Scholars program helps guide you while you are still a student, so you can make the most of the innumerable opportunities available to all Gordon students. Whether you’re choosing a major or looking to explore a nontraditional study option, the program helps you get the most out of your college education.

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