Monday, March 22, 2010

God’s Hands in Belize

Rachel Studley ’06 has had more than her two hands filled with ministry—and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Studley graduated from Gordon with a degree in Christian ministries and served in Belize as a student intern to fulfill the youth ministry practicum. Her involvement with kids and youth ministries had an impact, and since then she has been working passionately with the people of Belmopan, Belize, ministering to the youth and helping to organize community events.
One such event was the Step of Faith Church fundraiser, organized by the ladies and youth ministries of the Step of Faith Church. Many hands and feet came together that day to share in the work and take part in the accomplishment. Studley said, “Everyone worked together with love, and the fundraiser was a huge success.” It was the first of its kind and featured a yard sale, bake sale and BBQ sale. The youth helped out by selling jewelry and clothing, advertising by the road and cleaning up at the end. “It was an awesome experience to see everyone coming together to work and fellowship with smiles,” Studley said.
The skills Studley is using to organize these events and minister to the people were acquired at Gordon through classes like Leadership, Counseling and Speaking to Youth. “My studies at Gordon continue to prepare and confirm my passion to work with at-risk girls,” Studley said. “Every class I took gave me increased knowledge on how to work with and teach youth.”
When she’s not helping to organize fundraisers, the young missionary with World Outreach Ministries works with the youth through numerous weekly ventures: At Youth 4 Jesus she’s been teaching about service and is preparing kids for a youth conference in March, sponsored in partnership with YWAM; in GIRL TALK she shares the love of Christ with many girls who don’t know Him yet; during morning Bible studies she digs into the Word while empowering them with tools to use the Bible on their own; and she has plans to start up a youth worship team in the near future. “I love serving God in the country of Belize,” she said. “I love teaching children about Christ—it’s been wonderful to share His love with children who have been abandoned, giving them an alternative option for how to live their lives.”
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