Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bucket Composting

Recenlty Advocates for a Sustainable Future (ASF) sent out a campus-wide email encouraging students interested to start composting. All they needed to do was let ASF know and they’d get a bucket and instructions on how to compost.
ASF works in conjunction with Physical Plant and an A. J. Gordon small group to make composting a sustainable project on campus. Kate Kirby, senior Spanish major with minors in biblical and theological studies, Latin American studies and environmental studies, says, “Our long-term goals are to make composting as second nature as throwing away trash, and to incorporate it campus-wide.”
Kirby is the acting president of ASF and will graduate in May but wants to make sure on her way out, composting is here to stay. “In the past the responsibility rested on the shoulders of a few students, but this year we’re hoping to institutionalize composting so it doesn’t fall off the radar when graduation rolls around,” she says.
ASF has placed composting bins in the regular trash and recycling areas of Bromley and Tavilla. Students throw their compost in the buckets and later empty them like they would their trash cans. For now the larger bins will be collected weekly and added to Physical Plant’s compost pile by Gull Pond. ASF will be using the compost for the garden, which is located behind Barrington.
ASF hopes, by placing these bins in the normal trash area, students will start training themselves to regularly compost—just as regularly as they take out the trash. Here’s to hoping that will happen.

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