Friday, February 19, 2010

National Colloquium to Be Held at Gordon

On March 27 literature and linguistics students from across the country will gather at Gordon to present their papers at the first annual Literature and Linguistics Undergraduate Colloquium (LLUC). The event is a great opportunity for students in the field of language and literature to become professionalized and to receive more from their papers than just a grade.

“Usually when a student writes a great paper they get excited about it and their teacher gets excited about it, but it ends there,” says Dr. Gregor Thuswaldner, associate professor of German at Gordon. “Now students have the opportunity to do something more with these papers.” The one-day event will host several panels of three to four presentations, which will precede discussions with professors and other students.

Thuswaldner, who is organizing the event alongside Dr. Andrea Frankwitz and Professor Andrew Logemann from the English Department, and Dr. Graeme Bird of the Languages and Linguistics Department, recognized a need for this conference because only a few colleges across the country host events like it. Thuswaldner says, “It’s necessary for students to share their work—They’ll become professionalized and be more comfortable presenting to a crowd and defending their arguments.” It’s also important because the pressure is on for many students. Graduate schools are competitive, and presenting at an undergraduate conference can give students an advantage; it shows they’re serious.

The February 15 deadline has garnered responses from literature and linguistic students from all across the country who have written on a broad array of literary and linguistic topics. It is sure to be a fun and informative day for all. For more information visit

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