Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Caitlin Snyder, an art major from Santa Barbara, California, speaks on the integration of art, education and the mindset of career preparation:

The Department of Art's graphic design program is an active experience . . . more than I would have imagined. The faculty constantly encourage me to learn more about my craft and to seek passion for the arts beyond the studio classroom.

In talking to other students, I realize how integrated our love of design is with our education and interests. But I’ve also realized how much our professors really care, as fellow artists, in helping us reach our career goals.

The full integration of art and education really came together during my sophomore year at Gordon. I was asked to create a logo here, a brand there, and many, many T-shirts for students and on-campus groups. That’s when I decided to name my work, creating my own freelance design company, called cee.grace Designs. With the knowledge gained from my courses and the individual research into the lives of designers and design companies, I’ve pulled together a vocation that I’m passionate about. Today I have my own small company, a design blog, and clients.

In May, when I graduate, there will be more to come. This is only the beginning of my journey as an artist.

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