Friday, January 22, 2010

Venez Participer à la Table Française

“Venez participer à la Table Française” is an invitation that translates to “Please join us at the French table,” and that’s exactly what Emmanuelle Vanborre, assistant professor of French language and literature, invites us to consider:

“Being from the south of France, sharing a meal with other people is one of my favorite activities. In French, “friend” is “copain”—someone we share our bread with. At Gordon we’ve created a French table where we gather with students and friends over lunch. As we speak a different language, we are in a French state of mind. So it’s only natural that when we see friends, colleagues, or professors we know, we greet and respond to them in French. As you can imagine, their responses always provoke good laughs. Professor Bird, assistant professor of linguistics and classics, who regularly joins our conversations, even becomes French . . . Professeur Oiseau. Our conversations are varied, but most importantly this time of conversation gives students (both rusty and refined in the French language) an opportunity to speak French outside of the classroom without having to worry about a grade, and interact with people in a different setting. So, Venez participer à la Table Française!"

The French table meets in Lane Student Center on Wednesdays, 12-1 p.m., during the academic year.

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