Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sustainable Tourism—La Bicicleta Verde

“Peter Murphy thought that tourism in Santiago was awfully boring. So he got a partner, bought some bikes, painted them green and set up a tourism business on two wheels.

“A graduate of Gordon College in Massachusetts, Murphy arrived in Chile in 2003 to get his master's degree in international politics. A year later, he got a job teaching at the University of Chile and started looking for ways to combine biking with tourism. In 2007, he joined forces with a partner, Joel Martinez, a Chilean attorney who biked everywhere as a way of life. Martinez sold his law firm and they put their expertise together. The result was an agency with city tours three times a day, mountain biking up city hills and cycling tours through vineyards close to Santiago.”
To read the entire January 24 article by GlobalPost correspondent Pascale Bonnefoy, click

After traveling through 23 countries in Latin America and graduating from Gordon, Peter Lewis-Murphy, class of 2002, settled in Santiago, Chile, where he now has a “day job” on the faculty at the University of Chile teaching international relations. Peter says he leads a simple life, but he is permanently connected to his iphone, hyperactively listens to daily political podcasts, and he still skypes home to Kansas every day.

1970´s Beach Cruiser Bikes Made in Santiago, Chile + Green Paint + Two Wheels + Good Attitude = Great Times: La Bicicleta Verde (The Green Bicycle) website.

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