Friday, January 22, 2010

Songwriters and Storytelling with Redeem & Record

Anthony Papia ’09 created a website, Redeem & Record, about artists who create music. He shares the roots of this project:

“Like all communication arts majors at Gordon, I was responsible for developing a senior creative project before graduating—one that embodied my ethical thesis for communication. (Honestly, I didn’t even realize I had an ethical thesis for communication.) All I knew was I loved communication and music . . . and I wanted to
somehow include music in my project. But throwing a concert for 10,000 screaming fans on the quad was a long shot for two reasons: First, I don’t have 10,000 screaming fans; second, I’m not Bono, so Professor Cobbey would have undoubtedly needed to failed me.
After abandoning my plot for a legendary musical exit and a bit of thoughtful reflection, my true thesis surfaced: I wanted to know people and help strengthen community—and I wanted others to do the same. Gordon is home to an incredibly talented community of songwriters, so I went in search of stories that give birth to songs. In light of my thesis, the project developed into a podcast series titled Redeem & Record. The podcasts feature a time of conversation and story sharing with artists followed by a live in-studio performance.”

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