Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day: A Scientist’s Perspective

From associate professor of biology Dr. Craig Story on World AIDS Day:

“World AIDS Day is an important day because so many millions of adults and children in the world are directly and indirectly suffering from the results of HIV virus infection. As a biology researcher who is very interested in immunology, I encourage everyone on this day to become informed about the HIV virus
as a global health issue.
In addition to my teaching and research, I serve as the prehealth professions advisor to biology students at Gordon College and, consequently, have been following the world’s recent upsurge in HIV in some parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. What is uniquely concerning about this virus compared to others is that it’s very small, mutates rapidly, and is therefore a major challenge to attack with a vaccination strategy.
“I’m thankful, though, that our work in Gordon’s Ken Olsen Science Center is impacting the field of science every day. And on this day especially, I’m hopeful that all of us—particularly in the field of science—would pause and think critically about the issue, our research and the impact it could have on the world.”

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