Thursday, December 10, 2009

Geekiest Christmas Ornaments Contest

Stephen Collins recently took part in the second annual Geekiest Christmas Ornament Contest. He writes:

“I’ve been pretty excited to take a stab at the physics and engineering Christmas ornament competition. My ornament has taken a fair amount of work to put together and relies heavily on the things I learned in my first-year engineering course with Dr. David Lee. When I finally get it working, it will take your picture whenever you stand in front of it, complete with a beep timer and a clap-to-retake feature. Looking at ornaments from years past, I’m hoping I’ll stand a good chance at the Best Overall award, or at least the Best Tech award. The prize for Best Extemporaneous Biblical Exegesis may be a little harder to claim.
“Regardless, showing mine off and marveling at the creativity of my peers will surely be one of the highlights of this year’s Physics Department Christmas Party. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know both the upperclassmen and the faculty in the department through fun get-togethers like the biweekly physics cookout, and I’m looking forward to the Christmas Party as a great capstone for a semester of phun fysics.”

Prospective students: If you’d like to learn more about all the cool stuff that goes on in Gordon’s 3-2 engineering program and in our Physics Department, give Dr. Lee a call at 978.867.4372 or send him a message at In fact, why not get in touch to arrange a visit?

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