Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paper Angels, Pine Cones and Recycled Confetti = ?

Elizabeth Pfeffer, an English major at Gordon, recently led a sustainable ornament night to teach children about the ease, fun and value of “green-living.”

Recycling bins; trash cans; things found on a walk in the woods . . . hardly items you think of during Christmas time, right? Not according to the Advocates for a Sustainable Future. Recently we offered a sustainable ornament night, where families and students could experience creating earth-friendly decorations.
Who says Christmas has to incorporate new rolls of printed wrapping paper, or nice glass ornaments from Macy’s? The materials we started with were far from festive, but the finished pieces were more beautiful than anything bought in a store.

The night was a real family experience as parents, students and children helped each other create something beautiful out of something . . . well, not. They used their creativity and problem-solving skills to decorate pine cones with glitter and pipe cleaners or make paper angels on the backs of old term papers.
But the real joy from the evening was listening to the reactions we received. One mother in particular, her sons totally covered in glitter, glue and recycled confetti, exclaimed over and over, “This is so cool! I never would have thought of this,” as she looked with astonishment at the beautiful pine cone ornaments her sons were making. Ultimately, that was just the reaction we hoped to get . . . the realization that sustainable living isn’t extreme or difficult, but can be easy, tangible, and above all else, beautiful.

Elizabeth is a senior at Gordon College and currently lives off campus in the art district of nearby Beverly. A resident of Harwood, MD, she's currently an active member of the student club Advocates for a Sustainable Future.

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Yes you're right. When you give a gift, the reaction of happiness is truly the great reward.
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