Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fullness of Shalom

Gordon in Lynn is an active place each semester. This afternoon 145 students, all serving in the community of Lynn, gathered on campus for The Great Conversation—a special Gordon in Lynn celebration.

Jennifer Brink, coordinator of academically based service learning, shares:

Serve and Learn Teams (SAL) gathered together to reflect on and make connections regarding their service as well as celebrate the relationships established this semester. With 11 teams and 28 trips to and from the city of Lynn each week, the program is rooted in relationships. The majority of Gordon students participate in service through their first-year seminar The Great Conversation, where they connect course readings and discussions with their experiences serving people and organizations in the city of Lynn.

Today we gathered to review course themes of love, suffering, community and the good life—reminding students of the call to shalom.We’ve caught a glimpse of ‘the good life’ promised for us in Scripture and echoed by people like Peter Kreeft, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nick Wolterstorff. In this time of Advent we wait for the fullness of shalom, and yet we are still called to work and struggle for justice.”

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