Friday, November 20, 2009

A Shared Mission

Kurt Keilhacker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, visited campus this week for a special faculty and staff meeting. Keilhacker is the managing partner and founder of TechFund, a venture capital fund focused on emerging information and clean energy technologies.
According to Nancy Anderson, director of human resources:
"Mr. Keilhacker personally conveyed the appreciation of the Board for the work of the faculty and staff here at Gordon. He spoke on the importance of sound financial stewardship during these challenging economic times. He responded to questions from the floor on issues ranging from institutional fiscal strategy to the vision the Board has for Gordon. He frequently returned to the theme of 'shared mission.'
"It struck me that it was no coincidence that Mr. Keilhacker flew to Gordon before our annual Day of Prayer, a day when faculty, staff and students come together as a community before God. His presence reminded us that while we all have a unique and essential role in our work here, we are bound together by our faith and calling to do the work of our Lord at Gordon College."

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