Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Global Education Students Bring Rich Experiences Back to Gordon

Students returning from study abroad programs, international seminars, and summer missions programs had the chance to share their global experiences at a panel discussion held recently in Jenks, Many students and faculty attended. Students in each panel portrayed the diversity in Gordon’s global community. International students from South Korea and Poland listened as American students talked about their experiences in France, Botswana, Costa Rica, Uganda, Jerusalem, Swaziland and Thailand.
Professor Ruth Melkonian-Hoover moderated the discussion as students talked about topics ranging from their first intercultural experiences, families' and friends' reactions to their trip, struggles facing them when returning to the United States, plans to continue engaging in the global community and the ways in which their faith had been broadened through international experiences. After each student had a chance to share, Professor Melkonian-Hoover opened up the floor to the audience for questions. Many came away with a better idea of the benefits and challenges of global education programs. (By Natalie Giordano '13, communication arts)

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